With a paid Spotify subscription (Premium, Family, Student, HiFi), you can download music as a result of this offline mode. Perfect for listening to streaming audio when you are not sure you have an internet connection, or to rescue your mobile internet.

How Spotify is best for playing music offline

You do not have internet access during your daily travels, in the subway you are driving up hills and not sure if you have a fantastic internet connection. You have a very long drive ahead, so you are concerned about your internet connection coming back. You have a long trip to fly and therefore will likely be stripped of this World Wide Web. You just want to store your mobile data and looking for music apps without wifi then add your favourite music to Spotify. You can easily have access to your favourite music with the help of this channel.

Type of music you can download on Spotify

To download songs to Spotify on a Smartphone, tablet or computer, there is one critical point: to subscribe to a paid subscription outside of Spotify (Premium, Family, Student, HiFi). Offline mode is not available in the free version.

Try out the downloading following on Spotify

  • playlists
  • artists albums
  • audio books
  • your favourites

It is impossible to download the personal track as long as they are not added to the playlist.

Step by step guide to download music on Spotify

Have a look at the following steps that you can follow to download music on the Spotify
Music" folder, using an arrow pointing down.
If the album or playlist you wish to download is already in My Music, the procedure differs. You Must click this button:
From the drop-down menu that appears, click "Download Album" or" Download playlist".
Typically, the music you have downloaded should appear in the “Downloaded The cursor should turn green through the download.

Tips to have an access to the downloaded music on Spotify

You can easily listen to music on Spotify that you have downloaded by following steps

  • Firstly click on the ” My Music ” tab on the Spotify
  • Open the ” Settings “ option
  • Try to select the “Offline Mode “, and place your cursor to turn it into blue colour. You will be able to activate offline mode in this way. If you wish to come back for online mode return this same cursor to grey.


The Spotify program is nicely done. If you would like to get into a tune and you're about the 4G system, Spotify cautions you via a message, then which “the downloading will start the moment the program is linked with Wifi", to not swallow your mobile data and prevent your unforeseen expenses.

However, if you still need music and cellular data, it's up to you to decide. In these cases, we recommend that you have a nice data envelope and visit my songs Settings> Audio preferences. Also activate the option "Enable download via cellular community".